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A Review of Wedding Venues

When you are planning your wedding there are countless things that you need to consider. You need to plan a budget, you have to buy a dress, you need to find a caterer, send out invitations, order flowers, decide on what your wedding party will wear, set up your wedding registry, and of course, choose a location. Your wedding venue is by far one of the most important parts of your wedding. I would suggest that you plan where your wedding is going to be first. A lot of your other decisions will be based on your wedding venue. If you decide to have your wedding in a barn, then you will need to theme everything accordingly, have the flowers match the barn and make sure that you wedding does not clash with the décor. Below are some of the most common types of wedding venues. Take a look at what there is and imagine a wedding at each location. Once you find a location where you can truly imagine your whole wedding coming together, that is the place you should choose.

A Bed and Breakfast Wedding Venue

outside weddingBed and breakfast wedding venues can be a great spot for smaller, more intimate weddings. Bed and breakfasts do not usually have a ton of room, so you will not want to use this type of location if you are planning on having a huge wedding. One of the biggest advantages of having your wedding at a bed and breakfast in a city like Charlottesville, VA is that you and some of your guests will have a very convenient place to stay both before and after the wedding. Another great thing about bed and breakfasts is that they have a kitchen on location. This will help your caterers if the food that they offer requires some last minute preparation for serving.

A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is not for everyone. It can be difficult to find a private beach to have your wedding at, so you will have to search for the right one. Once you find a good location though, it is easy for a lot of brides to come up with some inexpensive decorations. The other good thing about beaches is that usually they are close to airports and docks, so it will be easy for you and your groom to set off on your honeymoon quickly after the wedding.

A Wedding at a Winery

A rustic wedding at a winery has become one of the most popular wedding ideas in the past couple of years. One of the reasons this type of wedding venue has sparked a lot of brides’ attention is because it provides people with the opportunity to make their wedding decorations. DIY for wedding decorations can help you save money while still having an elegant atmosphere.

Once you decide on the venue you want, make sure to reserve it for your wedding date before someone else gets to it first!